Bags For Life

These promotional bags for life and jute bags to build a strong brand campaign for your business or promotional event. Promotional event bags are available in a selection of natural and coloured options to match your brand colours and logo. We stock a number of affordable and vibrant bags for life and jute bags to suit your needs. These bags are lightweight and practical for long term use.

Rainham Fold Up Shopper
Rainham Fold Up Shopper - Full Colour From £2.42 to £2.33 (ex VAT)
Chatham Mini Gift Bag
Chatham Mini Gift Bag - Full Colour From £1.46 to £1.37 (ex VAT)
Contrast Messenger Bag
Contrast Messenger Bag From £1.32 to £1.26 (ex VAT)
Bayford Reusable Shopper
Bayford Reusable Shopper From £1.36 to £1.30 (ex VAT)
Mini Contrast Bag
Mini Contrast Bag From £0.90 to £0.84 (ex VAT)
Large Contrast Shopper
Large Contrast Shopper From £1.08 to £1.02 (ex VAT)
Eldon Shopper
Eldon Shopper From £2.95 to £2.89 (ex VAT)
Lynx Shopper
Lynx Shopper From £2.08 to £2.02 (ex VAT)
Berwyn Shopper
Berwyn Shopper From £2.88 to £2.82 (ex VAT)
Albany Shopper
Albany Shopper From £4.24 to £4.18 (ex VAT)
Adelaide Shopper
Adelaide Shopper From £1.44 to £1.38 (ex VAT)
Silvester Drawstring Bag
Silvester Drawstring Bag From £1.59 to £1.53 (ex VAT)
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